Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to Recover Chair Cushions

Hope you had a great weekend! We've been good but this week we're headed to allergy testing for our Nickerbean 2. She has seasonal breathing problems and our doc wants to make sure there isn't anything about her environment that we can change for her.... Please don't say she's allergic to dust...or old stuff (as one of my besties said) If you have any tips for me to keep her happy during what seems like a pretty un-fun appointment, let me know in the comments. Please and thank you! Speaking of fall allergies...Let's go outside to our back porch. ; )  I'm still loving the makeover. I am so happy with the changes. It got super hot this last week but we've eaten out there a few times and it's been great.

I hope you know just how easy it is to recover a chair seat to completely update and change the look of your furniture. Like, so easy.
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The only supplies you'll need are:

a screwdriver,

a staple gun (this kind is the easiest if you don't staple your finger like I did. It was 7ish years ago and let me just say, that if you're holding it backwards, you can't see the 'exit here' warning...) This is the one I have now, much safer for me to stick to the old school version.


and fabric. I bought this fabric for my craigslisted chair cushions. If there are kids involved, I always suggest buying outdoor fabric if you can, even for inside projects. It's so much sturdier and easier to clean. You can find a fabric round up I did, here.

Before ordering the fabric, you have to figure out how much you need. I just measured a chair base, added a couple inches to each side and multiplied by the number of chairs I had. Decorator fabric is usually 54" wide so you can fit 2 side by side. 

The fabric on the chairs had been upholstered recently and didn't have any gross smells or stains so I kept it on there. You can certainly use needle nosed pliers to pull the fabric off before recovering. That's just a step I don't take unless I have to.

Cats and new surfaces.....

First, you unscrew the cushions from the chair base. There are usually 4 screws. I just lay the seat on top of the fabric, fold it to where its going to be stapled and pay attention to where I need to cut. You can measure and all of that but this is faster and I'm all about speedy projects.

 Once the fabric is cut, I made sure that my stripes were straight. A crooked pattern is usually super obvious.

I start by stapling in the center of one side, then pull tight and staple directly across from the first staple.

The tighter you pull the fabric, the better it will look. Just make sure you don't pull too much and make the print get stretched and distorted.

Then I do the same thing with the other sides.

After I've stapled all the sides, alternating between sides, I'm left with the corners. Here's where it can get a little tricky. Bring out your present wrapping skills. PS I'm a bad present wrapper, fabric and staples are easier, promise.

Since these cushions are right angles at the front and rounder in the back, I did two different kinds of corners.

 For the back of the cushions, I folded the extra fabric under creating one flat fold on the corner, and gave that a few staples.

For the right edges on the front of the chairs, I brought the fabric out from the front, folded the side under and folded it back to create this right triangle shape on the side of my cushion. Never put the fold on the front of the chair. Fold the extra fabric down on the sides. That way, when you look at the chair from straight on, it has a nice clean front.

Hold tight and staple down. The main thing with corners, is to make sure the sides are symmetrical. If you get one side laying flat and looking nice, do the exact same thing on the other side. I sure the fold I told you to make are "wrong" but is it good enough and better than it was? Heck yes.

It took me maybe 2 yards and maybe 30ish minutes for a huge impact. 

Screw the cushions back into the chairs and that's it! See? So easy.

Have you ever tried it? You'd be amazed at the amount of ugly-seated chairs at a thrift store. All they need is some new fabric. Help them, help you.

Have a good week! Thanks for reading, friends!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Make a Tassel "Wreath"

Hi yall! I wanted to say thanks for all the love for our boho porch! It was so fun to do and worth the whopping $150 I spent to make it a space we love and can use more often. Now, if mosquitoes ceased to exist....

A couple weeks ago, I showed you a few fall decorations that I've made and touched on my love for tassels. When done with big, cushy thread, they're such a warm and cozy addition for fall. So today, I'll show you how to make them and how I made our new porch "wreath" with pom poms and a craft store monogram. Sale rack yarn and clearance monogram, I might add. Because, IT'S ME, PEOPLE.

P.S. I took the pictures with the door open so you couldn't see the dust on the screen. Do you want to know how to make tassels or do you want me to wait until everything's perfect? Because, that wont happen... I mean, look at that dying fern... #reallife. Please don't put dust-the-screen, make-the-plants-live kinda pressure on yourself. Just keep your spouse, kids or animals alive and happy ok?! Thanks.

Back to tassel making. I found this bin at JoAnn that was "mill end" yard meaning its the extra that couldn't make whole rolls. Woohooo just my bin.  And it was on sale that week and you can use coupons if it's not. So I picked the most neutral looking yarn I could find. There were 3 big rolls of yard in the bag I picked and I've since used almost all of it for my various tassel needs. You understand.

I used a super sophisticated tool to wrap the yard around. I made some with a cast off wallet that now acts as dress up and I made others with a library board book. You wrap the yarn as many times to get the thickness of the tassel you want. The wallet made longer tassels. The board book made shorter ones.

I had some of the gray yarn so I made a few of those too. For some variation.

When you wrap the yarn around enough to get the thickness you want, you cut the yarn. Make sure you cut it off on the same side that you started. See how both of my cut edges are at the bottom?

Then you stick a shorter piece of yarn through the middle and bring it up to the top to tie it off.

 To get the top tie tight, you have to slide the yarn off the book. Or wallet. Or whatever you're using.

Once that piece is tied tight, you take another piece and tie it around all of the yarn about 1" down from the top.

Clip the extra yarn from this part and clip the bottom loops and you're done!

I used the strings at the top and tied two tassels on either end of a longer piece of yarn. So each of the strings at the top of the wreath is holding 2 tassels. One on each side. I staggered them a bit so they wouldn't all fall at the same length.

The metal 'N' was maybe a dollar or $1.50 in the clearance bin at JoAnn's as well. I tied a piece of jute to a hanger on each side.

The black ribbon is stapled to the top of our screen door and holds whatever wreath I'm using at the time.

I just fold it back and safety pin it at the height I want it. Such an easy way to hang a wreath.

I love the way this turned out. It's a non- traditional door hanging and I think it's a fun way to welcome fall.

If I missed anything or you have a question about something, please comment below.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boho Porch Tour

Hi everyone. Hope your weekend was great. We made a quick trip to my parents house in the country and celebrated our first Canadian Thanksgiving with our new friends from Canada! So, yay for 2 thanksgivings this year!! And, I feel so cultured and full. ; )

I finished our porch makeover just in time to enjoy my favorite season in the whole wide world! Fall y'all.  I have a bunch of pictures to show you so if you want to see the before shots, go here.

And here's just a reminder of the beautiful image that inspired me. LOVE it.

(via Apartment Therapy)
Okay without further ado: Infinity pictures of our porch!

Boho porch tour

Remember, I scored the table and chairs off Craigslist. It's a great scale for underneath the porch eve and makes it so much more enjoyable to eat outside. I wanted to paint the table to stand out from the rug and the floor below. I gave it a coat of the spray paint but ended up adding a bit of brighter pink paint to it because I wanted it to be a little closer to the inspiration pic.

Boho porch tour
The criss cross detail under the glass is just too cool to let blend in with anything else. I love this table.

The Christmas lights were hardwired into the ceiling by me a long time ago. Scary, I know. I moved the chandelier that I got from a friend and sprayed it white. After the lights were wrapped around it, it was great. I wanted it lower over the table so I grabbed some rope and tied it into a big loop and let it hang back on the ceiling hook. I love the way that the rope added a little charm and natural feel to the light.

Boho porch tour

I recovered the chairs but I haven't even touched the finish. At some point, it would be good to wipe some stain over the bottoms of the legs and maybe spray some polyurethane on them to give them a little more protection from being in the elements.

Boho porch tour

The ceiling was painted with SW Rainwashed and really helped to lighten the space. When you're painting outdoor areas that are old and chippy, its best to use a flat paint finish because the glossier sheens reflect light on all of the imperfections in an old house. **the more you know**

Boho porch tour

We already had the outdoor rug in the attic so while its not exactly what I would have picked for this space, I'm happy to have it. Here's something similar.

Boho porch tour

As I said in my "before" post, I sold 2 of the 4 lounge chairs we had out here and recovered and sprayed the ones we kept. I used a bronze paint and recovered the chairs in a soft, neutral fabric that can still work when I change with pillows and blankets.  

I'm slowly switching my indoor pillow inserts with feather pillow forms so I used my older pillow forms to make some outdoor pillows. The plaid one was made from the target rug that used to be in our bathroom, the green was left over fabric I got from my gran and the splotchy cover was an ikea buffalo check that I dyed then bleached. The 2 chairs fit perfectly on this wall and create such a great sitting area perfectly positioned down wind from our giant fan.

I was inspired by the coordinates sign from here and used some scrap wood and paint to make my own. I just typed in coordinates for Denton, Tx. Not my actual home. So don't call me a liar if you put them in and don't end up on our back porch... Also, maybe ask first. Please.

Boho porch tour

On the other side of the porch, next to our giant fan, is the book shelf that came with the rest of the furniture. WHAT A SCORE?!? It all makes me so happy! I went back and forth on whether this should be painted or not. Do I want it to stand out or do I want it to kind of fade in and let the awesome plants do the talkin'? I realize this is not that serious.. I decided to leave it for now, I like how this space is neutral.

Boho porch tour

The pencil cactus under the fan was a garage sale buy. It was $10 and about 2 feet taller. I cut it down and saved the clippings. Hopefully I can root them and give pieces away for Christmas gifts. Must resist urge to water...

Boho porch tour

Boho porch tour
Boho porch tour

I mean, how cool is this table?!

Boho porch tour

Boho porch tourBoho porch tour

On the wall, I painted frame grey (which was actually the trim from our front door that we redid) and changed the tray from here. The green hook was from IKEA maybe 2 springs ago. I love it and should have bought more.

Boho porch wall decor

Boho porch tour

So that's it! Our new back porch. I'm so happy with the changes and feel like we'll get a lot more use out of it now. It's hard to think back to 8 years ago when this was a tiny, dark, enclosed room. Much improved.  If I left anything out or you have any questions, just ask!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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Boho porch tour

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