Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Holiday Gifts I'd Give or Want to Get

Ok y'all, this month I'll be celebrating my 32nd birthday and since the beginning of time, 32 years, my parents had me make one big list for birthday and Christmas. It worked perfectly: if I didn't get something for my birthday, I could ask for that thing for Christmas.  I hope I wasn't ever a total turd if I didn't get what I wanted for either. Lord, help me have a heart of gratefulness and contentment.  I'm so thankful and we're so blessed beyond measure so I don't need a single thing but I thought it would be fun to make a list of some things that I would love to give or receive this holiday season.

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Gift ideas for the artsy homebody

Ok, so I guess I should first address the elephant goat in the room. We like to make sure our girls know that the holidays are more about giving than receiving so we always pick some charities to donate to and make the girls a part of the process. For a few years we have donated to Heifer International, an organization that equips small farmers with the means to take care of their families and homes by raising livestock and using or selling the produce. So, as a family, you can choose to donate different types of animals that serve different purposes for their owners but ultimately move poverty-stricken families up the ladder. Last year we chose a pig and some bees. It was fun for the girls and is great for the soul.

The rest of the images are a little more self explanatory but here you go:

I always have things on my list that I'm less inclined to treat myself to. The cake stand is gorgeous. The wood and marble together are dreamy and it's something that I wouldn't buy for myself but would love to receive as a gift. You can use the cake stand for candles, soaps, fruit, jewelry and more. Or maybe a cake or something....

You can also make cake stands using a plate, a candle holder (as the base) and some epoxy. Here's a tutorial if you need it.

I got these Threshold dishes last year as a Christmas gift and I love them. They are thick and a great weight. They're great quality for the value and the white is a great shade. The ones I have are dashed; my mom has these dotted ones and they are so cute too.

This summer I posted about the beautiful JORD watch I received and let me tell you, I still love it so much and wear it every day! I get compliments on it all the time. It's light and a great color and I highly recommend it.

I put the Flamingo on the list because it would look so darn cute in the girls room but let's be honest: that's totally a gift for me. I'd tell them it's for them. But it's me that would fully enjoy its cuteness.

Did you know you could order plants on amazon? You can! I think an air plant, or really any kind of indoor plant in a decorative planter would be such a good gift to give or receive. The gift of clean air and plant-parent responsibility. Ahhhhh...

The garland is Christmas decoration but if you think felt ball garlands are only for Christmas, you're missing out on a whole new world of happiness. Promise. I'm sure my husband feels exactly the same way.

I've posted a bunch of pictures of my Mexican blanket on my Instagram account and that's a good gift. They're so awesome. Psssst.. see more of our porch makeover here.


I'm very late to this party and probably not cool enough, but record players are a big deal again and you can get new ones with nice speakers systems but with a vintage look. I love these.

And last but not least, very pretty drinking glasses. I try to drink lots of water and it helps when your glass is cute. I listen to Young House Love Has a Podcast and they were talking about these glasses and all the cute uses for them. World Market also carries some acrylic ones with a similar look that would be great for summertime [plastic] poolside lounging.

So what about you? Is there anything you already have your eye on for Christmas this year? What traditions do you and your family have for giving back? Tell me about it!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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