Mod Eclectic Living Room

Here are some blinds and frames. The frames aren't exact but we can make them work if you dont end up going to Ikea. I would love to have a frame with a mat if we can cut them a little smaller or if IKEA has something the right size.

As far as what else you could do to be ready:

do you have any left over trim or wall paint so we can paint the frame of the cork board?

dont clear the room. We'll do that after a share it.

Order blinds if you're ready to do that now..They'll probably be there in time for me to install them.

Shop your house for some wall art and decor stuff you already have that I might be able to style with. Maybe you can just make a pile somewhere.

Also any little stuff that needs to be in the room for your work.

I tried to buy the board for your cork wall and realized it wouldnt fit in the van so I might see if my sweet husband will come deleiver it this weekend so it's over there and ready.

At the end I'll just have you venmo me for the lumber and the laundry basket I bought to hide cords.

Hi Wade and Meredith! I hope you like what I picked for your living room. You can click the images to be taken to the shopping sites. Here's the coffee table I picked for the living room.

I'm happy to come help you arrange things once it's all here but I think the sectional and a couple chairs will be perfect for the space. I added a console for behind the sofa that can act as extra serving space for when you're entertaining.

Here are a couple options for crates to hide the speaker equipment on the hearth. I think they're the right size... one, two

Meredith, I know you said you're drawn to cooler shades when decorating but this rug with tiny accents of blue will be great to warm the space up. You wouldn't have to add another pop of warm color into the space. This would be it.

Here's what I have for the front room. Again, you might have some of the things that I added to the board. This is all just to give you an idea of what I'd do in the space.

I'm thinking the sofa would be placed on the longest wall facing the entryway. The table behind it can hold some lamps and store things too. I'm hoping the aqua dresser you have will fit under the wall and a chair can go in the corner between the wall and the entryway doorway. I thought the leaning shelf would be a good way to store records and books for this room.

Here are some chairs I thought would be good.

my fave


Here's what I have for the dining room:

I told you earlier this week but I think I'd keep your current dining table and just buy new chairs to go with it. I think 4 will fit nicely for everyday and then when you're entertaining you could bring the upholstered armchairs you have, into the dining room.

I thought some large art behind the table would be nice. These are prints that you can download and have printed at staples. Just make sure they print the image smaller than the actual size of the frame. Not enlarging it to span the whole poster size. Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

I love the chairs on the left the most. They're out of stock in white until June though...I dont know what your time line is like. There might be something similar at a place like At Home.

Hope you love it. Let me know if I missed something. Also, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!

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