Traditional Contemporary Bathroom

Hi Laurie,

Here's what I have for your bathroom.
A couple more lighting options:

I thought about the mirror situation and I would paint the one you have black. If you stick with this mirror, I'd have the chain painted or replaced with something as low profile as possible (to still hold the weight...smaller hooks too, since you'll have to  re hang it anyway.)

It's also an option to buy two new mirrors. Looking at the ones you have its just 2 mirrors glued together. Smaller ones will make the space feel even bigger and give you room to hang pendants on either side of the mirror. These frosted glass, globes will give great light to both sides of the vanity. 

I think the rugs on either side will infuse a little color into the space and pull in the blue from your room. 

Shop the items from the images below (they should open into new tabs when clicked)

Let me know if there's anything else you need.

Answers to your questions:

I'd make the runner a 2x5 so that it can be centered under each vanity.

Here's a frame for the artwork.. I'd get it printed at 18x22. I always take these files to Staples and they are very helpful.

I'd have your handyman look at these barn door links but he might have a better way to do it. I also linked to some doors but you might need to check dimensions.

here's hardware. and here.
and here's a sample of the door style.

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