The Tharp's Colorful Casa

Hi Paula,

Take a look at this post in web version (as opposed to mobile) and let me know if I'm getting close with any of the selections.

First up, the living room rug. You really can't go too big so I'd do at least a 9x12 but a 10x13 is great too. I picked some new ones. Some have extra colors thrown in but that's totally ok as orange and blue are what we'll pull out using the pillows and accessories. Let me know about these.

Here are some accent rugs for runners in the hall and entry. They vary in pattern or scale to the bigger living room rug. I'm happy to change them if you need me to.

Let me know about these dressers. They're more toned down white. Keep in mind that we can easily switch out hardware if you dont like what comes with it. Here are all of the ones I've sent so far but the first 3 are new picks.

Let me know if any of these ottomans / coffee tables stand out to you.

Here are some mailboxes : )

Here are the bar stools with a back that swivel:

Here are the stationary ones for the sides. Depending on what you like for the swivel ones, I can change up the selections for the regular ones.

Based on what you showed me on barstools, here are some other options:

Here are some side tables for next to your sofa.

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