Charming Chic Kitchen Update

Hi Rachel! I hope you liked what I picked for your kitchen.

It's pretty straight forward. It's a pretty kitchen but I understand you want it to be more "you". You can click the images to be taken to the shopping site.

For the cabinet paint colors I'd buy the Sherwin Williams samples and mix your own chalk paint. Here's my recipe. You should be able to do the island with plenty left and you might need to buy 2 samples for the rest of the cabinets..maybe not. it goes far.

I picked new lighting and hardware and some colors that are closer to the images you showed me while still working with the countertops that are there.

I think it's fine to just paint the backsplash. If you did anything I'd just have it be simple clean white subway tile.

Wallpaper would be cool on the yellow wall. I also thought it might be nice to do a board and batten treatment to the bottom third. Here's a great tutorial here (although I'd go higher, more like the photo below). Then if you wallpapered the top section you probably wouldn't need much.


 Something like this would be great!

I also liked these:

Hope you love it! Let me know if you have any questions!

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