Boho Glam Living Room

Hello Chauncey! I had so much fun working on your room. I'm excited to hear what you think. You can click each image in the design board below to be taken to it's shopping link.

Here's what I have for you with your current sofa. I'd keep it where you have it but look at the floor plan below.

I'd separate the space into two areas. The tv watching half (basically set up like what you already have) and then put a table behind the sofa that can be pulled out to sit and eat by the fire, play games or whatever else. The blue velvet chairs can sit in the sofa area most of the time and be moved over to the table when that space is being used.

I love the idea of a bench and a big, striking piece of artwork (linked below) on the wall next to the big windows to be seen across the room right when you walk through the front door.


It's hard to tell depth from the pictures but it could even be a narrow bench like this:

You could deck it out with pillows or a throw and it would look so pretty and inviting.

For the fireplace wall I'd do big frames of something light and abstract (I suggested these 2 on the board). (I thought a mirror like this propped on the right side and a plant in the corner would look awesome and layered.)

Then, I'd do a cool, less formal looking gallery wall in and around the tv. Search for things you love, larger scale will be better since you're working with a lot of space.

A bookshelf on the wall where you already have the piece that's going to the guest house will give you a little bit of height on that wall. You could use bins or baskets in it for extra storage and texture.

I picked a large, long curtain rod to span your big french doors. I'd hang the rod as high as it can go and as wide as you can on either side. Use curtain clips and curtains (I use white sheets from walmart). They might not ever close but they'll give you texture and warmth.

I know you said you would recover the sofa. You might love that sofa and want to keep it but recovering is super expensive..not sure if you've looked into it but a lot of times its comparable to buying a new one....If it came to that, I'd consider getting 2 sofas.

The sofas would face each other, give you more seating and create a view of the fireplace and tv..

I know you love to bargain hunt and second hand find so a lot of this can be sourced that way if you choose. I can not wait to see how you pull the space together. It's a beautiful room already. I love your style and I was so excited to do this project with you.

Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

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