Stone House Refresh

Hi Kelly!

I've come up with a few colors for your painted exterior. SW greek villa is what we used. It's a great, warm white color. I also love origami white, alabaster, ivory lace. Like I said, don't trust these on the card. Grab a sample from Lowe's and paint them in a couple places around the house. I'm happy to stop by and look at them if you need help narrowing down. If you decide to go with taupe shutters, I really like 'taupe tone', 'jogging path', or 'ethereal mood'.

The lights are large and will look great in the front and the back. I think they each come in multiple sizes so I'd buy the bigger ones for the front and if you want something smaller in the back you could buy the coordinating smaller size.

I also loved this light. The bigger the light the more expensive so we could obviously pick something different/ smaller for the back porch.

Here's a nice patio set on super sale for Columbus Day!

Here is a great site for outdoor throw pillows. They are on a great sale. I also found this shop on Etsy. You said you liked blue so I that's what I was looking at but I kept it all pretty neutral so that you can pick any colors.

 Below you'll find links to the things on the board and a couple extras.

Here's what I was thinking for the tv cabinet. It's asymmetrical so that you can keep the meters covered but watch the tv.

Here's what I have for your living room. The links to everything can be found below the image. (it might not be viewable in mobile version)

The pillow covers don't come with inserts. Here are some 22x22's. Buying bigger inserts than the actual covers will make the pillows more full and then you can wash the covers. I gave you 4 pillow options. I'd pick 3 and buy 2 of each or 2 of 2 and then one accent.

The art print can be found here. (They're having a sale through the 23rd) You can buy a downloadable version and have it printed at staples. Michael's or Hobby Lobby has some good frames you can get with a coupon..

The other rug is on super sale but it's an 8x10. I really think a 9x12 will be better for the space so I linked it from a different site. Let me know what you pick!

I also included a shelving unit for the playroom. If you buy 2 of them, it will span almost the whole wall and be great for easily accessible toy storage. You could sell the shelving unit and sofa and put these in their place.

I think some picture ledges would look great above the shelves. Here's a tutorial I wrote on how to make them.  I'm also happy to give you a quote on making them for you.

I love this example.

Once we get this part nailed down I'm happy to talk more about the patio. : ) Cant wait to hear what you think!

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