Casual Kid Friendly Living Room

Hi Molly! Let me know if you have any questions for me about the design I've planned for you.

First of all, I know it would be a big job but if you ever decided to, painting the ceiling beams would make a huge difference in making the room lighter and even making the ceilings feel taller. Even more so, painting the built ins and trim but I think the beams would make a big difference on their own.

Otherwise here is what I envision for your living room:

I've picked light and bright curtains and a new long curtain rod. I would hang the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as the longest length of these curtains will allow and still graze the floor. Also install the curtain rod far out from the sides of the window. This way the curtains will hang completely outside of the window making the windows and the room feel bigger and lighter. (Here's a really bad depiction of this. Let me know if this doesn't help.)

I've picked a plug in pendant that would look great in between the two chairs. The higher the light, the brighter it'll be. If you don't like this option, I've picked a large scale floor lamp that would do the same thing and could go on the far side of either chair and face in.

I picked pillow covers that are very light but I made sure they are removable so that if they get stained, they can be thrown in the wash. Some of them are only the cover so here are some feather inserts that would fit. Ikea has good ones too if you live near one.

An area rug will lighten the space and create cohesion between the furniture pieces. I think an 8x10 would work best and I've picked a couple that will look great in the space. Place the rug in the center of the room and make sure at least the front legs of the sofa and chairs are on the rug.

Art work: To lighten the fireplace, I'd switch the art over the piano with the clock. Or I've included a mirror for the fireplace that would help reflect light. I'd move the 3 pieces by the exterior door to be hung right above the tv. Line them up so that they are centered above the tv but let the bottom of each frame be only a couple inches above the tv so that they look like a unit and not disconnected. Also make them be about 1" apart from each other as well. Put the 3 that are on the other wall,  in the spot by the door. Hang them like they are or hang the 2 vertical pieces one on top of the other about 4" away from the door and about 2 inches apart from each other. Move the big print by the tv and hang it right over that table. The lamp can just move over to one side and it's ok if it overlaps the artwork (it will reflect more light that way).  The center of any artwork (with the exception of being over a piece of furniture) should be about eye level so you might need to move things down a bit. It's hard to tell from the pictures.

In the picture below, each item can be clicked (except for the mirror) to go to the affiliate link shopping page:

I hope you love the design and I can't wait to see pictures once you've completed the changes! Let me know if you have any questions.

Styling the fireplace:

Once you move the piano art work over the mantle, prop the floating frame (the one already on the mantle) to one side of the art work

Keep just the silver vase and the silver urn. Those reflect light and stand out better. Here's a mock up of how I'd arrange it all.

As for the family photos. I'd move some books around. Stack some vetical and some horizontally, then place the frames on top of books stacked horizontally. Like this:


The Sideboard:

Ok I'd move the candle sticks to the outside and stack a few books under one of them. Then a leaning art work (this one is wood and would have your last name on it and a cute clip for a family pic) Then some kind of vase like this in front and to the side of it.


For your bedroom I picked a lighter grey (I know you'll get to that eventually) and that gorgeous rug as a starting point. The art you picked will look great with it all.

Here are some floating frames if you haven't already found some:

I'm thinking the white piece you have above your bed will look great there still, above the casual upholstered headboard. I feel like navy will stay looking nice longer than a lighter color. Your white quilt will be great. I just added patterned sheet, because they make me happy, and a blanket that will look pretty at the bottom or be a nice extra layer in the winter (My mom has it, its a really great, soft cotton.) I also picked some white euro shams that will stand out against the navy and brighten things up as well. I picked a few throw blankets too. Maybe the navy one for the sofa and the other for the best. The throw pillows could work for both places too.

I'd spray your nightstands with a flat spray paint. This is a good off white but even plain white is good too. Just make sure it has a flat finish. Should you feel inspired, I'd paint which ever one of the other pieces is the smallest. I wouldn't paint them all to match and I like wood tones but painting one more of them will help things look brighter.

I like the lamp on your chest of drawers, maybe just get an updated drum shade like the ones you got for the living room.

I can't tell if you have blinds on your windows but I picked bamboo shades. They are so pretty for warming things up.  Maybe when you go to paint, you could also move the curtain rods up and out just like the living room.

Also, this might not even be possible in terms of space but what if you moved the sofa to the foot of the bed? You can search for more pictures of it on pinterest. Depending on how much room you have, that could be cool.

Click the items below for links to purchase:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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