Colorful Eclectic Open Floor Plan

Hi Kalah! I'm so excited for you and your family's new home. Thank you for letting me work on the space for you. I think light floors will be beautiful and everything you've picked will look so great. You can click on any product below to be taken to it's website. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.

The top half of the design is the dining room and the bottom half in the living room. The runner for the kitchen is over on the bottom left. When you look at the listing you'll see that it's black jute with lots of colored fabric woven throughout. It will be a nice pop of color and hide messes that can happen while cooking.

The only other thing that wouldn't link was the abstract artwork in the center.

I know you have the thrifted chairs to paint. Those would look great in the living room. Here's a post about painting fabric on chairs that look so much like yours.

I also picked 2 of the same sofas. You could obviously get away with having one but since you have a big family and an open floor plan I thought you might be able to fit two. They could flank the fireplace with the chairs facing the fireplace at the far end. Kind of like this:

via copy cat chic

The last thing I wanted to tell you about was the table. This table is listed to comfortably seat 8.

It's 60" across. By the time you add chairs and space to move in, out and around the table it might feel pretty tight in an 11x11 space. It's a great table and if the chairs can all tuck in all the way it might be ok. I also picked a pretty rectangular table.
For that you could buy a dining bench and give yourself a little more open feel.

Either way will be great. Go with what's going to make you most happy.

Here's the new runner I found.

Other than that, I picked a few more things listed below in case there's anything else you need for the space.

This was so fun to work on. I love that you're giving yourself a neutral background but that you aren't afraid of bold color. Your house will look awesome. Thank you so much!!

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