Family Friendly Patio

Hi Michelle! Hope you like what I've planned for you. *you can click each item to be taken to it's website. If you do everything here you should still be under $2,000.

I picked a paint color for the ceiling. I said have it mixed at 50%. This makes it a little bit lighter. We had this color on our porch in Denton and it just lightens the space. It doesn't feel like you painted the ceiling a bright color. It'll be such a pretty touch. I also picked a pop of color for the outside of the back door.

It seems a little unconventional but I chose a curtain rod and want it to go along the wall across from the door and next to the one with the windows. It'll soften and brighten the space and make you feel like you're somewhere fancy. The panels should just cover the whole back wall. Here's a quick /not to scale floor plan for you. I picked the 96" panels. Make sure and hang the rod accordingly. The higher the rod and longer the curtains, the larger a space looks.

Another unconventional thing I added was a mirror. I'd put it on the wall above the two chairs. It'll bounce the light curtains and help the space look bigger. Those chairs can be moved wherever you need them depending on what y'all are doing.

I'd get the run in a 5x7 because I know the girls like to use the patio.

It put the fake plant in a pot, one on each side of the porch at the edges and put dirt in the pots to help them look more real.

The cafe lights are expensive but I picked these because they come in such a large strand that you dont have to deal with plugging multiples into each other. Much more streamlined looking. I think the strand it long enough to go back and forth a few times. You could even put them on a timer so that you dont have to mess with the plug all the time.

The little ottoman has storage for the girls things. I kept your same table.

Let me know if there's something you'd like me to switch up. I hope you love it!

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