Peaceful and Modern Retreat

The only thing I'd change in your office is to move the bookshelf to the playroom side. You could store books on the top shelves and baskets with toys on the bottom one.

Most of the toy storage can be under the diamond windows, keeping the whole rug open for play.

As for the entry way, I think it would be fun to have wallpaper (I loved this one) like you said and then a couple picture ledges with family photos in black frames.

I've linked them but I've made a ton of these ledges. I'd be happy to do it and charge you way less.

I also suggested a couple dining chairs. Either would look great.

For the living room I picked 2 rugs and 2 coffee tables. They're at different price points and which ever you pick will look great!

Let me know if there's anything I can switch up for you!

Abby, I'm so glad I came over when I did. I love your taste and pulling this room together was so fun! You can click on any item below to be take to the shopping link. Can't wait to hear what you think.

The path's artwork at the top of the board can be found here. All 3 art works that I listed can be downloaded and printed at a place like staples. I bought a 20x16 white frame for over your bed. The others can be printed out and would look great in these gold frames from target. I'd buy the one for an 11x14 print and one for an 8x10 (that's the picture size, the frames are bigger.)

The dresser is a whole lot like what you have so if you're happy with what you've got than I probably wouldn't replace it. The bench was pretty but the one you have is great. We could even give it a fresh coat of spray paint and recover the top if you wanted.

The only other thing I'd say is about the rug. It might feel a little bright and busy BUT you have to remember that most of it will be under the bed. I think it will be the perfect pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. I linked to the 9x12. I'd buy a big one. It will ground the room and look amazing.

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