Genevieve's Sweet Teen Room

Hello Chellie and Genevieve! I hope you like the space I've designed for you. Each image can be clicked on to be taken to it's link.

I know you said you'd like to paint so I picked a nice, warm, neutral grey. I also picked a neutral rug. It can easily be repurposed from space to space and if you decided to change accent colors at some point, this can stay and continue to look great.

I picked some cute prints off Etsy. This is a great way to decorate a space on a budget. You buy the pdf, it's sent to you and you can have it printed as a poster at staples or UPS. Poster frames can be bought with coupons from Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Or never underestimate the cuteness and ease of washi tape.

I have a few other options in bedding if you want them but I liked this one.

You said you had no overhead lighting so I found this cool plug in pendant. One is great hanging from the ceiling over your bedside table or buy 3 and place them at varying heights in a cluster. So fun!

I think the furniture you have is great. Don't worry about changing it but if you wanted to, you could buy one can of white chalk paint and break things up by maybe painting a couple pieces. Again, no biggie if you dont want to. It's just a good way to refresh what you've got.

Another idea for updating with paint: you could always use a sample quart to create a section of wall like I did at here at my desk area.  It could be in a work space or up from the bed or split a cozy corner for a reading nook.

The last thing I picked was that cute little wall organizer jewelry thing. As you decorate, try to bring in accents on brass. It's a great, boho, glam touch.

Pick up a plant for the space. It'll bring life to the room and help clean the air.

I hope you like what I've pulled together for you! Can't wait to see your updated space! Also, tell Genevieve happy birthday!

Thanks so much for thinking of me and allowing me to work on a space in your home.

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