Hannon Family Room Makeover

Hi Stefani,

Here's what I came up with for your family room. All the shopping links and DIY tutorials can be found below.
I was thinking a hairpin leg table would be awesome for behind your sofa. These pictures are good even though the tutorial is in another language. I like how they attached pieces of wood together for the top and then you can make it longer to be in proportion to the sofa. Maybe like 60" long? I didn't measure the sofa but I'm happy to look again.  I linked to 29" legs so it should be the right height.

I picked the pendant lights for that back corner you aren't using. They would look cool swagged at different heights.

Here's a YouTube DIY on a media console. I also thought that it might be great to buy cabinets from homedepot or Ikea or even the habitat for humanity restore and mount them to the wall kind of like ours.I showed how Joel mounted them here. If you dont want them to stick out too far you could even buy upper cabinets. Here's another example. I would just make it wider than your tv.


Like I said, I'd do a 9x12 rug. This one is decently priced for that size.

I'm happy to help you with a gallery wall and I linked to a few prints in case you like them. They're ones you buy the rights to and print whatever dimensions you want.

Let me know what you think!

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