Living Room Spruce Up

Hi Chrissie! Here's what I have for your living room.You can click the pieces and be taken to the websites. The rug is found here.

rug via

I picked the artwork for above the sofa on the wall you were talking about painting pink. You buy the rights to download the pdf and then get it printed as big as you can from staples or some place like that. I think 24x36 would be good. Here's a frame but you might be able to find one cheaper with a coupon. Make sure and hand the picture pretty close to the bottom of the sofa. Eye level. Probably no more than 4 or 5" from the top of the sofa to the bottom of the frame.

I'd buy the longest curtain rod you can find and buy 4 panels of curtains. I linked to come but pick any that are at least 96". Hang the rod centered with your living room furniture. Not centered on the window. Does that make sense? Then hang the curtains so that the window looks a little more centered to the room. Here's an example to help. Here's another.

I'd love if the sofa could be pushed back a bit so that both chairs could fit on that back wall.

Just a thought. Can you put something like this on the wall where the dog food is and maybe leave the bottom shelf off so that the dogs could still eat there but you'd have a space for decor? It could be strapped to the wall if you'd worry about it being knocked in to..

I liked it because it has a little more height than the one your have and it might kind of conceal the function of that area. Thanks for letting me help!! Let me know if you have any questions.

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