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Hi Kristin,

I've pulled together some ideas for your living room. The links can be found below but here are the boards and a few notes: (this isn't your rug. I used a stand in)

The sofas are just a suggestion. They are Crate and Barrel Lounge sofas in petite (meaning they're deep but not crazy deep like the regular style..we have this sofa in the deeper model. Love the sofa but they are pretty deep.. depends on what you want.) I had heard rave reviews about the sofa for years and then we got one. It's great. They also come in 3 lengths so you could even do the little bit longer one on the long wall.

I went a little throw pillow crazy. Just pick a couple you like and keep it simple. The sofa comes with pillows too.

The side table for between the sofas is my favorite. Just a tip. Do a google search of the image and see where else its for sale. It's pricier but I saw it at some local furniture store for $450..You never know. I liked the little black and brass table for the other side of the room to pull in those knobs. You can even keep the chairs you have. They're charming and will look great.

The coffee table is a good size for the space. You know I'm all about collecting and buying second hand if possible. If you decide to look around just make sure you're buying the right scale for the room.

We talked about the beams and the picture ledge (here's a tutorial) so I played around with some art. I know art is so personal so no hurt feelings if you dont like any of these. Like I said before, I'd do the picture ledge the length of the sofa and dont worry about getting art high up on that wall. The beams will be the focal point up there and the art will draw the eye back down. I would keep the pieces larger scale though.

As for behind the sofa where we talked about a console or table. This sofa's back pillow height will work with an actual table so that y'all could use it for puzzles, food or games. You'll just want to pick something to be close to the length of the sofa. The sofa comes in 93" so maybe at least a 60" table. I linked a few styles below.

I hope you love it! It's going to be beautiful and It should all come in under your budget. Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to see something different

How about this:

Here's the shopping link for the coffee table and side table
Stuff has been going on sale like crazy lately so keep an eye out.

Thank you so much!

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