Marta's Home Office

Hi Marta! I'm excited to show you what I've picked for your office (2 variations!) You'll find the links at the bottom. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there's something you don't love. I can switch things out. Even if you don't buy each thing, I hope this gives you a direction as you change up your space.

First of all, I'd paint the ceilings white. It'll make the space feel so much brighter... Looking at your real estate photos I thought they were painted a color. I realize now it might just be the photo editing. The walls should go a taupey neutral tone. I was thinking Sherwin Williams 'accessible beige' or 'aesthetic white'. Grab a swatch and let me know what you think about those. Make sure you compare it next to your trim in case the undertones dont look good together.

I picked a rug for you to put under the desk. It will soften things and bring some extra color to the room. If you dont want to do an 8x10 for the whole room, you could do a 5x7 and put it under the front legs of the desk and have it in front so you can see it when you enter the room.

When you hang the curtains use 95" panels and hang the rod higher than the window and wider than the window. This will make the window look bigger and keep the curtains from blocking natural light.

If you use all the furniture in there then keep it but if not, I'd maybe sell or relocate the smaller piece and the corner shelf and just keep the taller cabinet and desk. I linked to a cute little accent table if you want to stick a plant or something on it in front of the window. Even a chair there might be nice (both chairs I linked come in sets of 2). Hobby Lobby has some pretty good faux plants if you don't keep real ones.

The 6 botanical art works can go behind your desk. I'd get it them printed in 11x14. You buy the files and then have them printed at Walgreens or wherever. I've linked to some white frames but light wood would be nice too. When you're hanging the frames in two rows, the middle to bottom of the top row should be at eye level. Resist the urge to hang stuff higher : )..To get them hung evenly spaced you can lay them face-down on the floor the right width apart (maybe like 1-2" then put a piece of painters tape on the back of all 3 frames in the row of prints poke holes where the hanger hardware is. Here's a post that helps in-case I'm not making any sense.

A 24x36 post frame would be good for one of the landscapes I linked to. I'd put it on the wall in front of your desk so you can see it when you're working. The other lattice pieces could be mounted on the wall on the other corner of the window. They're on the website side by side but I kind of like them stacked.

Again, let me know if you have any questions.

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