Modern Cottage Kitchen

Hi Molly! I'm so excited for yalls kitchen makeover. I went ahead and wrote everything up in one post. I hope you like what I've come up with.

For now, the first thing I would do is remove the upper cabinets between the kitchen and eating area. It will make the space feel so much more open and airy.

When a complete overhaul happens, I'd remove the soffits in the whole kitchen so that the ceiling is just one plane. I'd have the cabinets built all the way up to the ceiling. There's also this option if you hope to keep using the existing cabinets. Trim out the soffit and paint it the cabinet color to elongate the look of the cabinets.

Right now, I'd also take off the door between the kitchen and dining room unless you use it. It would be nice to not have the open door taking up floor space.  When you fully renovate, you could even take out the door jamb, widen the opening toward the pantry a bit and add extra space on the tiny side of your oven.

This is horribly rendered but I just wanted you to see what I meant. I don't know how much wall is available on the dining room side but it seems like it could work.

Someday, I'd take out the pantry all together and have a cabinet maker build a wall of cabinets and a unit around the fridge. Like this but flipped:

You'll have tons of room to build out a nice pantry that looks cohesive with the space but also earn so floor space to make things feel bigger.

I think you said you might do flooring this summer. I picked a pretty medium tone wood looking tile. It has a bit of grey in it but also incorporates the browns that will work with your cabinets and furniture. Make sure and match the grout to the tile so that it blends in to look more like wood.

I'd open the space up with a brighter color. I like sherwin williams 'alpaca' it's a warm grey. I'd paint only the upper cabinets in sherwin williams 'reserved white'. It will make the kitchen seem more open but I like the warmth of the wooden cabinets too. Best of both worlds. Wood is making its way back into kitchens and I feel like the warmth will give you the cottagey vibe that's in all of the inspiration photos you sent me.

The image below is of cabinets in the color 'alpaca' in case you like something a little darker than white. Otherwise this could be the wall color... or both.

 Then this is cabinets in 'reserved white'.

If you keep these cabinets and even in the meantime, I'd update them all with some new cabinet hardware. Pulls for the drawers and knobs for the doors. The finish looks so good in real life. A little worn and aged looking.



I'm sure you'd want to wait and do counter tops and backsplash together but I think a white subway will be timeless and classic. I like darker grout to keep splashes and messes a little better hidden. I'd do a medium warm greyish taupe. Not too much contrast but not too light.

You could also replace your sink at this time. An apron sink would be pretty. I love the look of the ceramic ones. There's a pretty one here. When I designed my parents kitchen, my mom didn't want to deal with the upkeep of one so we picked out a stainless steel version. It gives the cottage look, the steel makes it a bit more modern but more importantly there's way less worry of scratches.

For the faucet, I'd just use something simple like this one in stainless steel:

For counter tops, I picked quartz. It's low maintenance. A nice, bright white with a little bit of marble looking accent. It's Silestone Lyra.

Over the peninsula I'd add 2 of these pretty pendant lights.  They'll make a great statement.

I'd use the opportunity to make the peninsula part of the kitchen a little deeper so that you could add bar stools. You could even plank the base for a little bit more interest.

I included these barstools on the mood board. They give a little warmth and pull in the black accent from the lighting.

But these barstools caught my eye too. I like that they look cottagey but also bring in a little of the Virginia Beach feel too. The lighter wood would work so well with the floors.

For the breakfast nook area I choose a drum light. It's a nice scale. Works with the lanterns and will give off a nice bright glow because it has a shade.

I'd probably paint the table white and maybe make the chairs black. (shows less kid food smudges)

Over the desk you could add open shelving like this:

You could paint the shelves the same color as the uppers in the kitchen or staining them would look nice too.

I picked two rugs for the space. One for the eating area and one for the kitchen floor. Either one would look great in either space. When my kids were littler, we had a rug under our table and they each had washable bath mats under their chairs. The navy one is a little busier and might hide a bit more...


I'd keep the wall across from the desk simple. Frame the Andy Warhol you love:

You could add a bench along that wall for extra seating at dinners or parties.


This thing would make a perfect landing spot for a sheep skin like you loved in the pics. I found this one but I know they have them at ikea too.

Lastly, I think I'd leave the windows open with no blinds and just install some curtains to warm up the space and give you privacy when needed. If you go with the navy rug in the dining area, I'd go with a simple curtain like this.

If you put the jut rug in the eating area, I'd use something with a little color like this.

Ok! I think that covers it. Let me know if there's anything that isn't clear and we can discuss. I'll send you another invoice in March and then I can refine things if there's anything you don't like we can switch it out. Hope you love it. I think it will give you a beautiful, quaint, cottage-y vibe.

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