Modern Sun Porch Design Plan

Hi Witney! I was so excited to work on this room. You've got a great space with great windows and that ceiling is dreamy! I hope you like what I've come up with for the space.

I called it a sun porch because that sounds really charming, ya know?..  It's great that you already know this room's purpose. That's the first step. The next step is making it as functional as possible for those purposes.
I picked out some cool modern wood hooks for a leash, a jacket and other things that might need to be waiting by the back door.

On one of the walls, I'd add a long narrow bench for seating while you're putting on shoes to head out. This way you can get rid of the ottoman you don't like.
You could buy one (here's the link) but you could also make one pretty easily using a 2x6 and some hairpin legs. Here's a tutorial I found. And hairpin legs are here.

You could easily slide some wicker baskets under the bench to help conceal shoes.

 But I also thought that a table like this with some drawers for shoes would be cute beside the sofa.


This would give you a place to drop keys in a cute little bowl and a table top for a pop of color with this cute lamp.

I found some cute art work that would look good stacked in some open wall space.


I'm not sure if you'd want a large area rug or if you like that the space can be quickly swept but I picked one!


I like the vintage feel. It's busy enough to hide dog hair and spills. It would add such a fun pop of color to the room.

Ok, you said you were open to a new sofa and I had a thought. What about an outdoor sofa? I figure they can be easily cleaned. The cushions can be flipped and replaced if needed. I love the style of this one and I think it might be a great solution to the problem.


As for paint, I think it would be nice to do a fresh coat of creamy, light paint. This swatch is SW shoji white. I feel like the computer doesn't represent it well...Make sure and go get a swatch to really see it.

On the board I marked this: sw opaline as an accent color. I was thinking it would be so pretty as a door color but also would be great as the ceiling. I'd do one or the other. Not both.
I'd also leave the baseboard trim the white to match the rest of the house and paint the ceiling crown to match the walls.

The tv unit feels heavy for the space so you could definitely try painting it first but it also feels too big as well.

You could sell it and find some kind of narrow entry way table to fit that wall space. Something like this would be great.

This might be easy enough to find on craiglist or facebook market place.

I saw what you said about wood tones in the kitchen. Don't worry about that. This design has enough wood accents that I think it would be just fine opposite the kitchen.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you love the space and that you feel like you have a plan for moving forward.

Thanks again!

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