Nathan and Emily's Home Sweet Home

Hi yall!!

Here's what I have for your spaces. I'd love to talk to you about layout and the curtains. It would be easier to just call me, Emily. I love the sofa you're looking at. I'm happy to look at a real sample but I like the Curious Silverpine color. Seems like it has a little more warmth in it than just gray.

I love the way the living and dining will look in the same space. I hope you do too! I picked 2 different chairs. If you decide on 6, you could do a pair of the whatever will be on the ends and then 4 matching for the insides.

I think you can get a 9x12 in the living room and then an 8x10 in the dining room.

You mentioned shiplap. I love this look in a warm grey, maybe sw 'alpaca'. The lights can be mounted without electricity and you can slip a battery light inside. Here's that trick.

The main thing with the art is to buy larger scale so you can help to fill the space. I'm happy to help with this once you're in but I'd say at least a 24x36 in the dining.

Here are some lighting choices:
I love this. I've linked to a light kit too. I think the basket comes alone without the kit. Just know that it makes shapes all over the walls in shadows. I think it's really pretty but i know it drives some people crazy to have that kind of lighting overhead.
I think this one feels unexpected and I think it's my favorite. The shades will let out a lot of filtered light so I think it's a good option in that aspect...Joel's only picky home thing is with lighting...can you tell I think about these important things? : )

Other options for dining tables are linked below. I also had a thought about ordering brass metal legs from etsy and found a seller on facebook marketplace that makes table tops. there were a bunch and I know this one was sold but but i think acacia wood is priced most reasonable and maybe you could just reach out to him..

The links, (and then some similar styles) are at the bottom. I saw the dining table is on big time sale..Not sure if y'all have anywhere to store it now. I'm happy to switch anything out. Just let me know. here are the arm chairs

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