Casual Classic Family Room

Hi Monica! I was so inspired by your room. I love the eclectic mix of pieces you have in there and I want to keep as many of them as possible but help the room to give you the cozy, lived in, cohesive space we talked about. I hope you love the design:

I think wrapping your fireplace in shiplap would look so cool and like I said, it might help hide the house shifting. The Denton art would look amazing hung or propped there.

I'd move the tv to the narrow wall and camouflage it a bit with a gallery wall. You could put a small console there to hide cords and equipment. Maybe the secretary from upstairs?

As for the corner over there, I'd clear it out. Maybe there is room for a few photo ledges but also just a big bunch of the rooms curtains and a plant would look great.

We talked about drop cloth slip covers. The lady I know is named Sherri Rice. Her company is August Blues and she can be reached at

I also thought drop cloths as curtains would be the best bang for your buck. We could add ribbon or anything to them but they'll be large enough for your space. Here are a couple links.

They can be hung on the curtain rod from the ceiling using drapery clips. They are great and keep us from having to sew a pocket.

As for the sofas. I picked these from Lazyboy. I loved the darker, grey taupe color but also I looked for sofas with the least amount of cushions. No one wants to sit in the ditch. This one only has two cushions as opposed to 3. I also like the rolled arms.

I picked out a jute rug but added a pop of color with the rug I'd layer on top. You could certainly use either on their own but it's a nice look. I'd buy a 9x12 for the biggest one, and an 8x10 for the other.

 You can click the specific items from the image below to order the products:

I hope you love it! Let me know if you have any questions.

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