Rachel's Office

Rachel, I hope you love the look of the space I created. I picked 2 wall colors. They both feel Victorian to me which is the feel I get from your beautiful home. Again, I'd paint the walls, the crown moldings and the ceiling the same color. (I personally like the cocoa berry best. SW Glamour is right above it if you want something a little lighter. It feels so unexpected and rich) You'll find the link to the rug and some accessories at the bottom.

I thought it would be cool to fill in the woman gallery wall (in the wall with the tv) with some more modern prints. The file can be purchased and then they can be printed at Walgreens. I don't think they'll need to be as large as the family portraits but I like the contrast. (I'm happy to help hang the gallery wall via facetime or whatever, when the time comes.)

I also thought the rug did a great job of pulling in the muted purple-y pink. 8x10 would be good. That striped fabric would be good for those chairs you showed me.

They would be nice on either side of a dresser to ground the tv. I think white would break up some of the wood tones.

I'd try the pink marble top side table in here maybe on the wall at the entrance. Maybe with a mirror above it.

Also, look at this image I found. It's a portrait wall AND the same sofa!!

here's another cool wall.

I like how some are mounted just as canvases without a frame. It makes it look a little more casual and saves on space and cost.

I'll link some more, modern portraits in case there are some you like better. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to rethink something if you aren't crazy about it. I also linked another rug I liked for the guest room. Let me know.

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