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Hi Rachel! Thanks again for having me this week. Your house is so beautiful. Here's my plan for your front room. You can click the item to be taken to the shopping site.

I would use 2 of these Ikea desks. I love how they have storage on each side. You could push them right up next to each other and center them on the large wall. I love the idea of picture ledges over the desks as a focal point for the room. I've made these many times. I'm happy to quote you a price to make these for you.

In addition to some art I also thought a couple of these big chalk boards would be cute leaned too.

I chose two options for chairs and 2 options for lighting over the desks. Both choices are great!

I found another set of lockers. These are taller than the ones you sent me but I thought you might like them.

I'd put the lockers on the wall next to the window, across from the desks. The chair could fit under the window and diagonal from the lockers on that side.

The bookshelf can go on the wall across from the window. It would look great with storage bins and an artwork above.


Since you're local I just thought I'd let you know that I'm happy to come back and install all the pieces and add the finishing touches to the space if that's something you'd like for me to do. Let me know what you think and keep me updated on the progress!

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