Sister's Room Makeovers

Hi Abby!

Here's what I put together for your girls rooms. All the links can be found below to images. Let me know if there's anything you want changed. Hope you love them.
I switched the rug in here. You can buy it in an 8x10 but really a 5x7 would be ok in a kids room. I know you have the brass wall light so feel free to use that. I also added some crystal knobs for the dresser that's a pretty, girly touch that will brighten up the dresser. I added the cotton candy print but really you wouldn't need any more art with the wall hanging and the art you already have.

I know she'll be in her crib but I included the link to this bed. I also linked roman shades below but here's another option to check out. I couldn't price compare because I didn't know the measurements. At the bottom I linked to some wallpaper designs and a fan for in here. I'm also happy to paint the wall if you decide against wallpaper. Just let me know what you want. : )

I switched the crib and curtains in the babies room. It'll be light enough in here, the dark rocker will look great and won't be too dark.

For the nursery I think the accent wall should be the curtains. These are blackout curtains might be enough so that you don't need roman shades in here. I'd get 2 sets of panels so they can span the whole wall. Also get the 95" so they can be hung near the ceiling.

Let me know if there's anything I need to change for you.

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