Spicer House

Hi Katy!

Tell me which of these pieces stand out to you.

Here are the finishing touches I have for your bedroom. Everything will be linked below. I was thinking you might want to paint your nightstands for now. I think it will refresh the space. Also, we talked about the long wall beside your bed. I don't think it has to have anything but you could stack a couple pieces down toward the door for a focal point and also to reflect something in the mirror above your dresser. I'd make the bigger piece an 11x14 and then maybe an 8x10 (if you're starting from scratch). I think this rug will warm things up but I also linked to one more runner that I loved as well.
 For the patio I really just think you could buy a few things to finish it off and warm things up. I linked to a bistro set, though, that would work with the other elements I picked if you want to switch out the chairs.

I've planned 4 artwork and styling combos. Art is so hard because it's so subjective. Just let me know if any of these stand out to you. If you dont like anything we can scrap it and start over but I feel like these will look great.

printable art work
 I dont think this black light is your exact chandelier but I just stuck it in there to give you an idea.
printable artwork
I thought this arm lamp acts as a good frame to the wall, breaks up the symmetry and adds another layer. It's a plug  in lamp and they have paintable cord covers or it could be routed behind the frame. (it's a little unconventional so no hard feelings if you dont like it.)

artwork // candle sticks

printable artwork
Here are the rest of the items:

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