Teen Bonus Room

Hi Kiley,

I hope you and the girls love what I came up with for your bonus room. I'll include shopping links at the bottoms. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help!

I'd love to see the walls go white like Sherwin Williams "snowbound", it's a great shade so you could even paint the ceiling that color with no issues. As for the desk and media wall, I picked this unit from IKEA. I've had it installed in a clients house and it looks really great. The tv could still fit in the middle and the girls would each have a desk and still have plenty room for storage. I'm not sure if this link will work but here's a list of what you would need to buy. It ends up being $574.

(I know that's not the exact rug you have but I couldn't find yours. Yours is great!)

Then I changed my mind on the long wall. I'd switch out your frames for this pack of brass ones and do 2 rows of 3 for a clean and ordered gallery wall.

Because this is what I'd do on the back wall:

the window wall would be covered in these navy curtains with one brass rod that goes all the way across. I'd buy the curtains to be from floor to ceiling. Then the back wall would be board and batten to match the same navy color. I'd need to see the curtains in person but this paint color is sw "dark night". The board and batten could have a picture ledge built in which would be a great spot to display some colorful prints or homemade art.

Above that I think this bright white and black wallpaper would pull in the black accents in the room and look awesome. You could probably even do something like this with a stencil.

If you decide not to buy a new unit for the tv wall you could still do everything else and move all of your bookcases to that wall and just consolidate the furniture to the tv wall. You could lighten it up with paint but also you could just buy some white bins to brighten it.

Tutorial for board and batten.. This one is just with boards and just the wall texture through the battens. Same with this. Also you'll see that the second one has a 1x2 board at the top. If you could replace that with a 1x3 it would act as your ledge. You could even add a lip on the front of that 1x3 so that nothing slips off the front. Kind of like my picture ledge tutorial.

Then I thought this was super helpful for curtains.

I hope they love it but I'm happy get you a different link for something else. Again, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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