The Merritt Home

Hello! Here's what I'm come up with for your spaces.

Under the images you'll find the shopping links. Obviously you'll want to see what you can in person but just FYI, I receive a small amount of commission at no extra cost to you if/ when you order from these links.

I'd love to quote you to make and install the shelves on either side of your fireplace I think that will make such a great impact without using much space.

I would use your grandmothers table in the living room and switch it in the entryway for something a bit heavier looking like you shared on your houzz board.

This wall treatment is just an idea for the wall behind the table.

The walls in the living and entry would be nice a fresh in the color snowbound. It's a pretty, crisp white. I'd paint the trim and baseboards all the same color. a fresh coat of white ceiling paint would be good too. I have an awesome painter if you'd like me to set that up.

In the dining room, I could have my painter quote matching the texture but we could also add board and batten with some wallpaper on top.I'd paint the b&b a taupey grey color. I also shared some other wallpaper ideas in the links below if you like any of them better.

I like this table but I also linked to some oval pedestal tables below.

I'd dress the windows with the same curtains in both rooms. Buy the 96" height (or however tall your ceilings are) then mount the rods (around 3ft longer than the window length) high and wide so that the curtains dont overlap the windows by much. This will make your ceilings feel taller and your windows larger. We could also take care of this when we install the shelves.

With the rugs, make sure you buy at least a 9x12 in the living room and in the dining room at least an 8x10.

The artwork is from ETSY. They are printables so you buy the file and have a poster printed to the size you want from staples or wallgreens etc.

Let me know if you have any questions or want anything switched up.

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