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Hi Maggie! Here's what I have for your family room.
I know we talked about leaving the fireplace as is. It'll work with what I've picked out but then I thought about how amazing it would look painted a matte black. The mantel, tile and all. (I did a really rough Photoshop job to give you an idea.)

In the tv mock up I just wanted to show how you could display your smaller pieces together above.

I'd hang something larger over the sofa across from the tv. Make sure it gets hung at eye level so that it doesn't seem like it's floating above.

I'd buy multiples of the yellow (or any solid color) pillow and then add in the southwestern ones you already have. It will help unify the space.

The ottoman as the coffee table will just need a couple trays and maybe a throw to break up the leather but give you a softer place to rest your feet and so much more floor space with less pieces.

I'd move that smaller, leaning shelf in the corner somewhere else. It's too small in scale for the space. I loved the rattan floor lamp for the corner with one of your side tables. Just put a regular lamp on the other side. I think I might use the small side table you had by the chair because then you could move the sofa closer to the fireplace without taking up space in the doorway.

I picked a more updated ceiling fan but, like we talked about, I'd leave the medallion.

Buy a curtain rod for each window and the 96" curtains. Hang them almost to the ceiling and winder than the window so that they look larger and your ceilings look higher.

Like I talked about via email, I'd switch the large bookcase in the living room with the IKEA one in your husbands office. I think the living room just has too much furniture and could feel more streamlined and spacious with less. Once you put shelves on either side of the fireplace you wont lack storage.

I LOVED this rug. It's plush but adds a little more interest. I'd buy at least an 8x10 for the space.

You can scroll through below to shop each piece. (when you buy from these links, I get a small percentage of commission at no extra cost to you.)  Let me know if you have any questions.

Ok, inspiration struck so I did you bedroom.

You have the space to buy smaller dressers to use as night stands on each side of your bed. This will give you the ability to sell one of your dressers and keep one for extra storage. I think it would be nice to paint and add new hardware for a totally different look. I buy the samples at sherwin williams and mix my own chalk paint (the recipe is here). It sticks so well and looks great.

I'd keep the bedding you already have and I linked to some patterned sheets with a hint of pink.

I liked the idea of a green stripe on the wall to end at the same height as your headboard. We talked about green and my headboard so I thought it would be a cool way to marry the two.

Wall lamps would be a nice but your lamps are great too.

Since your wall will be filled with dressers and your bed and you'll have one less of your current dressers, you could create a little area with your grandmothers chair and one of the 2 level side tables.

Here are the links for the space:

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