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Hi Amelia, here's what I have for your dining room. I couldn't help it and I did two. (all the links will be below the images)

This rug was my first choice. It has no purple in it but it has warmer tones that will warm up the room and it has so many colors, the one its missing is not important. I thought it might be cool to hang a basket light centered over the table. You could use a remote battery light or I've seen pendant lights that work with recessed lighting and it could just swag to be centered over the table. It's OK to decide against that part. It'll look great without.
The I'd buy the bigger print in at least a 24x36. You buy the printable and get it done at staples or Walgreens. A trick i like is to have it printed as if its an 18x24 but on a 24x36 piece of paper, then it kind of looks like it has a mat but without paying for one. You might have to call and explain that. Dont hang the art too high. Like, the center should be eye level. The bottom should be maybe 4-7" above the wainscotting.  For the other side, I thought the water color pic of your family in maybe an 5x7 with a mat and 8x10 frame would be nice with a black and white landscape below it. 11x14 or the next size up.
Let me know if you have any questions! Cant wait to see what you do.

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