Casual California Ranch

Lauren! I'm so excited to show you the couple things I picked to finish out your vision for your beautiful house.

I picked a new rug for under your dining table. It's busy and pattered enough to hide spills and crumbs. It gives you the blue you love but it's a little more muted. The terra cottas will go well with the natural, earth tones you have going on in that space.

rug via

As for the living room area rug I picked two that would go well. The darker one is still more muted than what you have in there but the blues tie in with the one above.


and then this one would look great and brighten things up. It just might show wear and tear a bit faster.

For the island area, I showed you SW pediment. It will lighten the kitchen and feel a little more modern than what you already have. It will go great with the counter tops that are there, with the ones you want and with the black on the other side of the kitchen.

I picked these counter height bar stools for the island too.

I like the look of the black metal with the beautiful light you have hanging in there and again they tie in the black countertops on the other side of the kitchen. They are affordable and have great reviews. I like that they have backs in case one of those littles gets up and tries to tumble backwards.

On down to the bathroom. I looked at sinks and honestly, I would just keep what you have and buy two of the same thing for the master bathroom. I love the clean lines and look of a bright white ceramic and if they're affordable, I'd just got with it.

I picked this large round mirror. It will softer the boxy lines in there and give you more wall space to see that SW high reflective white.

I think I saw that they were out of stock but wouldn't be for long. I like the black frame and the size so maybe just wait.

As for lighting I picked this modern, brass globe light.
I think you just wanted something more modern. This says it comes with halogen bulbs but you can find LED's to go with it.

You asked about getting the same mirrors in every bathroom. You could. Or here's another one I love with a fixture that would look nice. (the picture on the website shows the light going up and can most certainly be flipped.

As for your bathroom floors. I would try to bleach them like you said. If you don't love them anyway, it's worth a try.

As for adding sconces. Here's a link to the magic light trick. The lights that work so well are here. This way you can add sconces anywhere you want without having an electrician come out and move wiring. A sconce over the kitchen window that you wanted to paint black would look great.

I hope you like what I've come up with! Let me know if there's something else you want to see. Your home is beautiful and I hope these few changes bring you the peace you want to feel before the baby comes!

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