Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Felt Spring Wreath Tutorial

I'm so happy it's spring! We didn't really have much of a winter here in North Texas but the warm air and budding trees make me so excited for what's to come. I can't wait to show you pictures of our green yard and pretty landscaping (when it looks that way...) but today I'm showing you a fun wreath I made for about $3.

A couple weeks ago, I found a bunch of these bamboo trays.  They were $2 a piece at Goodwill and I ended up buying the 3 best looking ones.  I have a bigger one of these trays (thrift score from a while back) that I use on our sofa table. Right away I thought one would be cool to make one into an unconventional wreath. I try to put some kind of seasonal wreath on our door. Or two.. darker for fall and winter, lighter for spring and summer---keep it simple..because 'aint nobody got time for that.' 

Here it is! Isn't it cute?!
felt spring wreath

I bought a few springy colors of felt at the good ole Hob Lob and got to work. I cut little pendants from each color. You can see my favorite felt project to date, here.
felt spring wreath tutorial

I plugged in the hot glue gun and cut out some flower petals.
felt spring wreath tutorial

To make the center of the flower I cut a large circle and then wrapped it around itself and glued it together at the end.
felt spring wreath tutorial

felt spring wreath tutorial

The center of the red flower was done the same way as the yellow above, I just cut notches on the outside edge of the spiral
felt spring wreath tutorial

felt spring wreath tutorial

I added some leaves and made a couple more flowers. Odd numbers, is my rule, so 5 it is!  I decided it would be cool to be able to change the flowers out with the season.. Like mum colored flowers for fall or cute pinwheels for summer, so I attached a piece of velcro to each flower. And then the other side of the velcro to the tray. You can buy sticky backed squares like this. Or I had strips like this that I cut to size and hot glued. Side note: I had no clue that Velcro was a brand and that its called "hook and loop". Well done branding, well done.
felt spring wreath tutorial

I placed the flowers where I wanted them on the tray and glued them down.

felt spring wreath tutorial

felt spring wreath tutorial

Here's what it looks like when I pulled the flowers back off. Now I have a wreath that can change when I want it to!
felt spring wreath tutorial

For the pendants, I cut little slits and let Nickerbean 1 "sew" them together.
felt spring wreath tutorial
I just used a paint pen to dot the letters and tied the string to the sides of the tray. This can be easily removed as well.
felt spring wreath tutorial

Like I said, I made it for the front door but it didn't hang flat and even while snapping the photos, the wind was making it take off like a kite. No bueno.
felt spring wreath tutorial

felt spring wreath tutorial

I ended up putting it on the wall on our back porch. Tour soon, I promise. The yellow frame was actually a trim piece that we took off of our front door, years ago when we redid it.  You can see it in the picture above. WE cut a huge hole in the door (gutsy, I know) and added the stained glass piece that we bought at an antique store, trimmed it up and painted it. Its my favorite DIY project of ours because I still kind of can't believe we risked it. Good job, us!
felt spring wreath tutorial

felt spring wreath tutorial
I know this tray is a pretty specific supply but this same wreath could also be made with an open picture frame.  The velcro flowers in opposite corners and a banner tied from one side to the other. Pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?! EASY.
felt spring wreath tutorial

So there you go. A cute, quick and cheap spring/ anytime wreath. I love it. It's sweet and colorful. Let me know if you make one!
felt spring wreath tutorial

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Spring wreath with tray and felt flowers

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  1. So cute!! I love felt crafts! Thanks for sharing with the Pretty Project Party!


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