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How to Make Pinwheels as Wall Decor

Hope yall had a great weekend! I'm so excited to bring you next weeks post so make sure you come back then. Today I have a super cute, super easy, super cheap, big impact project for a kids space. You have maybe seen me post them on instagram, (if you don't follow me there, you should!)

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade
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See those cutesy pinwheels?! That's just scrap book paper and some push pins. I told you-- So easy and of course they can be made to match any room colors and would also be cute made out of felt on a summery wreath or for a picnic party (even though I am NOT a pinterest party kind of lady.) If it's more than a couple steps or can't be made with less that 3 ingredients, then its not for me...

Back to the pinwheels. For this project you'll need any size paper cut in squares. I think the back of the paper showing white is great but there are also double sided scrapbook papers which are good for a little variety. (see the shiny navy one in the picture above?...variety) Oh, and scissors and push pins. Maybe some tape if you like to make things easier on yourself but you don't need it.

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

I drew the marks on the paper so that you could see cut lines but don't do this. Just cut the paper from each corner, into the center of the page. Make sure you stop and leave the center uncut or else you'll have lots of pretty triangles but no pinwheels.

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade
 Once you've made the cuts, grab a corner and pull it to the center. Don't fold it and make a crease, just keep it puffy and rounded.

Its tricky if you have big man hands like me, to get all the sides pulled down and to stay put. This is where you can use a tiny piece of tape to hold down 2 sides while you grab the other 2.

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade
Go around to every piece pulling the corner from the same side as before. Does that make sense? Pull down all of the left corners to make it a pinwheel shape. If you alternate corners, or pull down the wrong corner it will make more of a square shape and not a pinwheel...

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't. See how the picture below has the raised pieces in yellow? That's because I started folding with the white as the front. The step by step pictures above have the yellow as the front, making the raised pieces white. Picking up what I'm putting down here? Just another way to get even more variety.

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

Use a push pin, pin it to the wall and voila! It's so darn whimsical and cute.  Although I think they make a way better statement in a group.

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

Here's the other side of the Nickerbean playroom. I had to zoom in because it's a crazy mess in there..... I used different sizes and colors. I also put them on the wall in a big, organic, diagonal line so that they look like their floating almost.

Back to the opposite wall:

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

I love how they bend between two walls. It makes them look more organic. You can also spin them still to put them at different angles.
Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade
 I just love them!

If whimsy pinwheels pertain to you, I hope you'll make some! Let me know if you have any questions and send me pictures or tag me on social media if you make any! Happy crafting!

Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

Thanks for reading, friends!

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Pinwheel wall art decor | House Homemade

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