Laundry Room Refresh

Hi Kayla,

Here's what I have for your laundry room!
I thought in keeping with the neutrals you love, it might be nice to paint the walls white and the trim a little darker / warmer. I just recently used the foggy day color in the half bath makeover I did on Instagram but its a really pretty muted blue that would look so nice on your cabinets. The rug pulls in some warmth but also has a little blue/ grey in it. The art would be fun on a blank wall or could hang over a clothing rack. You could mount the hooks to a warm stained price of wood for a little more interest but also to pull in the matte black in the light. The board could span a whole wall making it seem a little more built in. I did this in our last entryway here. The only other thing I'd suggest is maybe coloring over your grout to freshen the tile up. A post about that is here.

The shopping links are below and a threw in another few items incase you'd want to switch out the artwork or rug for something else.

Thanks for reaching out! Let me know if you have any questions.  I cant wait to see how it all comes together.

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